Boost Your Monthly Income With Smart Investment Options In Construction

Receive Your First Payment After 1 Week

  • Invest in tangible assets; construction equipment
  • Assets are insured, so capital is insured
  • Fixed rate or high return strategies
  • Get paid monthly
  • High returns compared to other investments
  • Simple exit strategies, no hidden terms & conditions or fees




Contact our experts today. Invest in fully insured construction equipment and machinery. Put your mind at ease and preserve 100% of your capital.



As your rental agent, we lease your assets, so you receive monthly income with returns of up to 26% per annum. Receive your first payment after 1 week.



After 5 years, sell back your assets at purchase price. Simple exit strategies, no hidden terms and conditions or fees.

Invest Now for the Best Return on Investment & Monthly Income.
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Investment in construction companies offers a stable income with an exponential growth of 23% by 2023.



The global demand for construction equipment is continuing to increase, according to Grand View Research, Inc.


"Your capital investment is 100% protected."

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Why Make A Capital Investment in Construction?

Get Monthly Payments

Rental Income paid monthly in cash.

Secure, Safe Investment

Each and Every unit completely insured.

Great Returns

Earn maximised annual return up to 26%.

Simple Exit Strategy

Sell back your asset at the end of the lease term for the same price you paid for it.

Get Up to 26% Returns Per Annum

Looking for Investment Ideas? Invest now and get your first payment after 7days! Speak to our investment experts today.

Construction Investments Vs Others

Compared to Shares
  • Investments in construction companies will generate monthly passive income with up to 26% returns
  • Stock market shares offer lower ROIs and are not considered reliable income streams
  • Shares cannot be insured so your investment capital is at risk. Also means there is no guaranteed investment plan
  • Investments in the construction industry guarantee the preservation of your capital and offer the best investment opportunities. 
Compared to Pre-IPO investments
  • No guarantee when, or if, a company will launch the IPO. Price per share can drop post IPO launch
  • Returns from Pre-IPO investments are dependent on IPO demand and success of business
  • Pre-IPOs are typically for private investors and large hedge funds
  • Construction investments are suitable for anyone looking for low risk, fixed rate and high return investments. Better than most available investment bonds and investment funds in the UK.
Compared to Crypto Currency
  • Cryptocurrencies are purely digital with no intrinsic value. Construction machinery and equipment are tangible assets.
  • Like other investments, crypto currencies cannot be insured, nor do they guarantee returns. 
  • We are one of the few investment companies offering a construction investment that is insured and offers fixed monthly revenue and higher annual returns.
  • Cryptocurrencies are crypto. With us you invest in cash and get paid in cash.
Compared to Microcap Shares
  • Also known as penny stocks, microcap shares carry tremendous risk.
  • They require tedious work, time and research to uncover the right investment.
  • Microcap companies lack readily available information on growth rates and success metrics .
  • With Microcap shares, there is no capital preservation, no income, and no insurance. A construction investment delivers all three and we offer superb investment strategies to achieve the best return on investment. 
Foundation Capital is partnered with the best construction

companies in the world

Providing you with unmatched online investment ideas within the construction industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They pay income in cash every month and are hard asset, safe financial investments. They offer the best return on investment.

Anybody who has GBP 6,200 to invest can invest.

GBP 6,200 is the minimum amount that can be invested.

Yes, they are. As hard assets, they are insured and there is a buyback guarantee.

With construction investments, you can invest in all types of machinery and equipment typically used in construction projects.

There is no risk to capital because each asset is fully insured and there is a guaranteed buyback.

They pay cash every month and guarantee 100% capital preservation.

At 7 days after leasing your asset (machine) out. After that, you get paid monthly.

Through insurance and a buyback guarantee.

We move your asset/machine to another location where there is high demand or sell it.

Every month, you will receive a statement of account.

Cash flow. Your rental income is paid every month, in cash. Rental assets provide 100% capital preservation, and insurance.

Construction investments are good for both international investors and local investors as they pay cash every month.

No, but you will have control over what you invest in and over the contracts you accept to lease your assets to.

There is no need for you to do it. The leasing company does it directly with the construction industry.

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Invest in the Construction Industry for High Returns & Monthly Income!

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